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Paid advertising is changing and most Agency's aren’t keeping up.

It seems that every week there’s a new “Facebook Ads” agency popping up, but we can count on one hand how many we see that even remotely look like they're paying attention.

how many of these “agencies” are managing over $1M of monthly ad spend PER CLIENT? 99.99% are small time B or C-level players that will get you B or C-level results. But when you want to play in the Big Leagues, you need the BEST.

We see many trying to “catch the next wave" and chase the newest "tactics"...

Sure the new platform specific "trick" that just started working may give you a momentary edge, but we have a different philosophy here at Neuro Media.

Every market eventually shifts and we’re currently seeing many agency’s putting all of their eggs in one basket… the problem is it’s their clients businesses they’re putting at risk.

We know that the only consistent element of paid advertising is the people we’re advertising to.

That’s why we’re obsessed with understanding the minds of the people that we care about the most (our client's potential customers) and delivering the right ad on the right platform at the right time to get you maximum results for your dollar. 

Our team is next level and we’ve taken many businesses to record breaking heights.

What Makes Our Paid Ads Perform So Well?

Besides Our Obsession With Staying Ahead Of Our Competitors...

Creative That CONVERTS

When you want to play the social media advertising game at the highest levels, your success and results will be directly related to the quality and effectiveness of your ad creative.

Especially when it comes to video, which is more important than ever to truly scale! Neuro Media has a set of proprietary methods we use to help our clients develop videos that can withstand millions of views to their audience at an ROI.

As direct response experts, we also have a deep understanding of ad copywriting specifically for the social platforms (and this is basically the OPPOSITE of “old school” direct response tactics that will get you banned, or at the very least, deliver lackluster results)

Our Campaigns Are Reaching Millions Of People Because Of One Thing... They Work!

Algorithm Synergy

The fastest way to drown at sea is to swim against the current. That’s exactly what you end up doing when you ignore the algorithms of each platform. In order to get what you want, you need to know what the algorithms want and give it to them. Instead of working against the platforms, we do our best to work alongside them with synergy.

Below you can see some of the MASSIVE ROI that we pull on our advertising.

If you compare these returns to the 7% per year you may make in the stock market, or 12% per year you could make in real estate, there's no question where the best place to put your money is. And keep in mind these high returns are realized daily on these campaigns.

Multi-Channel Scaling

Every business that’s been around long enough knows that building a multi-million dollar company with just one traffic source is business suicide.

That’s why we put an emphasis on systematically phasing new traffic sources into our clients business over time. Facebook, Google Display, Youtube Video Ads, Linked In. We’re masters of scaling a profitable campaign on every major platform you can think of, managing hundreds of thousands of monthly ad spend for our clients outside Facebook.

Here's Us Spending $300K+/ month On

Obsessed With Data Analysis

With tens of millions of impressions monthly we have a lot of data that we can dive into to find new trends and ways to optimize our future campaigns. It’s one of the reasons we’re able to grow so fast.

We keep track of the numbers and put a big emphasis on analyzing our KPIs every single day, constantly optimizing and perfecting campaigns to pull out even bigger and better results… no matter how “good” they already are. We are never satisfied and have a relentless drive to improve your ad campaigns.

Psychological Approach

We feel we’ve invested more time researching how your buyer thinks and feels than any other agency out there.

From our obsession with neuroscience and human psychology, we know how to optimize your marketing systems to produce higher ROI and significantly better long term results. From the front end, all the way to the backend of your business. 

We speak to your audience with a deep understanding of what they need to next see/hear to take the next action you want them to take. Whether that's to give your team a call, fill out an application, or buy your course on your site. We understand what's needed at every stage.

Want To See More Of What We Do For Businesses Like Yours?

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8 Figure Case Study

We took them from $200,000/month to $2.1MM/month in under 90 days. 100's of thousands of new leads, thousands of hyper qualified sales calls and over 3500 transactions later, Our client now stands as one of the biggest internet marketing success stories to date.

7 Figure Case Study

After working our magic, just 2 weeks in we had generated more than 2500 email leads and over $100,000 worth of scheduled calls. Less than 90 days later we got confirmation that the marketing system we built has now generated over $1,000,000 worth of lead flow.

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